Family Counseling

July 22nd, 2015
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Choices and Changes is a private, family-centered counseling practice, serving parents/primary caregivers and their children by providing therapeutic and supportive services to the whole family.  Choices and Changes’ services engage, teach, and support families to develop and practice new ways of listening, communicating, playing, and providing structure and limits in the family system.  Jan Boggs, LCSW, RPT and Christy Garau, LCSW utilize a research-informed, comprehensive treatment model, beginning with at minimum, four initials sessions with the parents or caregivers to assess presenting challenges, past difficulties, future hopes and fears, dynamics in family relationships, and goals for treatment.  Based on this extensive assessment, therapists will provide recommendations for services to support the family.  Recommended services may include:

  • Individual child therapy/play therapy
  • Family therapy/play therapy
  • Caregiver individual therapy
  • Couple’s therapy
  • Substance Abuse treatment
  • Caregiver coaching and consultation
  • Psychiatric or psychological testing
  • Caregiving training – workshops, group skills training
  • Visual support resources

Together with parents/caregivers, the therapists will create an initial 3-month treatment plan.  Treatment plans will be reviewed and adapted to reach family treatment goals on a quarterly basis.

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